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Translation for websites

A new service is now available that will do on the fly translations of foreign language webpages. Go to Babelfish and cut and paste the appropriate URL into the large yellow & white Systran box, use the pull-down menu to change the translator from "English to French" to "German to English" and press the "Translate" button. This is a GREAT FREE service/facility and comes in mighty handy for all those German sites linked below. Keep in mind that although the words will be translated, grammar leaves a lot to be desired.

Roco Sik Artitec a name well known in Dutch modelling circles
Roco Sik Brekina cars, trucks etc.
Roco Sik Busch cars, trucks, scenery details, track planning software etc.
Roco Sik Faller/Pola, probably the best known manufacturer of model structures. This site is in German.
Roco Sik Heljan, though mostly scenery, they also do a few wagons and now also motive power.
Roco Sik Herpa well known German manufacturer of model cars and planes etc.
Roco Sik Holland Scale for those Dutch houses.
Roco Sik Model Tech Studios
Roco Sik Noch manufacturer of preformed lay-outs.
Roco Sik PIKO In addition to motive power and rolling stock, they also manufacture an extensive assortment of buildings and other scenery goodies in a variety of scales.
Roco Sik Plastruct have all of your necessary kitbashing goodies
Roco Sik Sodders Enterprises The site for the new and unusual items for the discerning Model Railroaders and Model Builders. Products made from our own dies and molds. From cast plastic and plaster of paris to our own Corrugated Aluminum.
Roco Sik Vollmer another well known and respected manufacturer of structures and equipment. Some of the site is in English.
Roco Sik Wiking another manufacturer of model cars and such.
Roco Sik Woodland Scenics

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