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Pieter's Links for Manufacturers
of Rolling Stock

The world wide web has proven to be an invaluable source of information in my quest to bring myself up to speed on what is presently in production in European rail models, as well as access modeling related information in general. When I last operated a lay-out, back in '67 in Holland, there was no such thing as DCC or cab control. In my surfing I have run across a fair bit of information and I'm happy to share these sites with those that have a similar interest. My special interest is in sites dealing with NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) related matters of course, be it modeling or prototype. Enjoy these links and have fun surfing. All links are done so they open a new window in your browser when you click on them, makes getting back to this list just a matter of toggling between windows, rather than having to use your browser's back button. Do come back periodically, I'm ALWAYS adding new sites. If you come across sites you think should be listed, including your own, please let me know.

Translation for websites

A new service is now available that will do on the fly translations of foreign language webpages. Go to Babelfish and cut and paste the appropriate URL into the large yellow & white Systran box, use the pull-down menu to change the translator from "English to French" to "German to English" and press the "Translate" button. This is a GREAT, FREE service/facility and comes in mighty handy for all those German sites linked below. Keep in mind that although the words will be translated, grammar leaves a lot to be desired.

MANUFACTURERS of Rolling Stock etc.

Since a great many of these sites relate to European manufactured equipment, you will find that some sites open up into a foreign language, mostly German. Don't be put off by this, most of these sites have English pages as well for the bulk of their site content and where possible I have linked straight to the English content of these sites. Besides, now you can use the translation-on-the-fly service above. Recently I have added many links to manufacturers of North American prototype based stock.

Roco Sik Accurail Inc.
Roco Sik Artitec a name well known in Dutch modelling circles. Although mostly structures, they also manufacture a couple of wagon kits.
Roco Sik Athearn
Roco Sik

Atlas probably the best known name in US model railroading.

Roco Sik Bachmann
Roco Sik Bowser Model Trains
Roco Sik Branchline Trains
Roco Sik Brawa high quality engines and cars etc.
Roco Sik Centerline Products, rail and wheel cleaners
Roco Sik DeLuxeInnovations
Roco Sik

Fleischmann, link takes you straight to the english part of their site.

Roco Sik

Hornby well known UK manufacturer

Roco Sik Kato a name synonymous with quality
Roco Sik

Märklin the main proponents of 3-rail AC model railroad rolling stock (although they also produced a certain number of pieces under the HAMO label for 2-rail DC and of course they now own TRIX). Considered by many to be the Mercedes of model railroading, their detail and quality of construction is highly regarded worldwide. This the main German site and is in German of course. There are also sites in the US, the Netherlands , Belgium and a mailing list out of Holland for Märklin enthusiasts all over the world -the bulk of the mail is in english- and not all of the discussions are strictly Märklin. Lots of discussion takes place about prototype, as well as other makes of rolling stock and electronics.

Roco Sik Minitrix is under construction.
Roco Sik

Peco a well known British manufacturers of rolling stock and track.

Roco Sik

Philotrain a highly respected name in NS modeling as a manufacturer of rolling stock, mostly in brass.

Roco Sik

PIKO direct to the English language part of the site, and here to the German part. In addition to motive power and rolling stock, they also manufacture an extensive assortment of buildings and other scenery goodies.

Roco Sik

Rivarossi This Italian manufacturer now controls Arnold (N-gauge), Jouef, Lima and Pocher, with links to those respective sites. Over the years Lima has produced a fair number of NS models, the early ones are not particularly detailed nor too prototypical though; they have improved significantly in this respect over the past few years.

Roco Sik

Roco the famous Austrian manufacturer of not just model railroading stuff, but cars and toys as well. There is also a US site, put up by a US distributor of this line.

Roco Sik

Sachsenmodellemanufacturer from the former East Germany. They used to have a working/distribution relationship with Roco, but have now gone it on their own, however I noticed the last time I checked my links that their url was 404.

Roco Sik TRIX NL site, maintained by the Dutch Märklin distributor.

If you have links you think should be added (including your own) or to report broken/outdated links, please a quick note.

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