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The Old Layout

I was going through some old slides and negatives a few weeks ago (actualy it's more like a few months now) and came across some shots of the Märklin material me and my brothers used to own in the mid sixties. We never had a terribly sophisticated set-up, but it was semi permanent. We used a couple of sheets of homasote and created an L shaped layout that even included a degree of automation. Unfortunately the roll of negatives that would show this I haven't been able to find, it's been probably 20 years since I last saw it. But I did find a few slides that were shot outdoors on a small diorama. While it isn't in line with what I'm trying to do these days in terms of model railroading, I thought it fun to share these few shots.

If memory serves, this is an 80 series steam loc, probably Märklin cat#3000.

It has since been pointed out to me that, yes, indeed it was cat."3000, but it's supposedly a class 89 loc. Problem is, when you look at pictures of BR89 prototypes, you quickly realize that this model bears absolutely no resemblance to a BR89; it's closer to a BR80, but it's missing watertanks and few other silly details:)

The same engine on a different end of the diorama.

The other engine we had was a trusty V200, which as you can see was handled kind of roughly.

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