Recently (well, it's more like 4 years ago now) I had the use of an Olympus DL300 digital camera, courtesy of my friend Ian Wilson, the Olympus sales rep. WHAT A BLAST and what frustration: I had a software problem with the twain driver and ended up using my friend Chazz' computer to download the pictures off the camera, what a hassle; Chazz thought the camera was great fun as well though and he took advantage of having the camera for a couple of days. Naturally I grabbed the opportunity to take a few shots of the engines and rolling stock my uncle Lou gave me, back in May/97.


An overview of the bulk of the rolling stock inventory, the bulk of it is of Lima and Piko manufacture.

Below are the three electric locos, a Jouef 1300, Lima 1200 and Lima 1300.
Take a look at the difference between the Jouef 1300 (yellow/grey) and the
Lima 1300 (blue) : one's a Co-Co and the other a Bo-Bo (or should that be Booboo)

The Lima toy version of a 1300, the one with Bo-Bo axle arrangement. The primary reason I took it was to have parts for the Jouef 1300 below.

The Jouef 1300 is missing some of the roof detail (but the Lima above has), but at least it has pantographs. It doesn't run particularly well though, I'll have to see what I can do about that.

Jouef 1300

The Lima 1220, a much more recent production than the toy 1300 above and an indication of how far Lima have come in terms of getting much more detail in their models in recent years. But it still ain't no Roco or Märklin.

Lima 1220

This is the very nice running 1220, with a Lima coach and a box car.

1220 with coach

And here it is with a couple of box cars.

1220 with freight wagons

With a different set of cars.

The Fleischmann 4147 with a string of Piko open freight cars.

With some box cars.

A little larger shot of the 4147 by itself. It runs reasonably well.

A few of the freight cars. The open one on the left and the box car left of center came from a shop that had a fire with lots of smoke damage: you might say they were originally purchased pre-weathered.

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