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Pieter's Publishers and Software Links

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Strukton Sik El Dorado Software makers of modelrailroading software, including a CAD program called 3rd PlanItTM
Strukton Sik Sandia, the folks who bring us CadRail.
Strukton Sik Sillub Technologies makers of the highly regarded XtrkCad shareware program for Windoze AND Unix. This is the software I have been using in the design of my lay-out. It may perhaps not be as powerful as CadRail, but it's easy to use, has a short learning curve and you can download a slightly crippled version to try before you buy. It's now into version 3.1.2 and at its price it's still a bargoon.
Strukton Sik Signal System a great collection of railroading software
Strukton Sik Railroad & Co is a system to operate a model railroad layout from a Personal Computer running MS-Windows® Version 3.1, Version 3.11, Windows 95® or Windows NT®.
Strukton Sik Koploper, FREEWARE digital train control from Holland.
Strukton Sik Rutgers World of Model Railroad Electronics. A prolific Swedish hobbyist who has written 5 books on electronic projects for the model railroader. In North America his books are available through Märklin retailers
Strukton Sik MIBA, well known German publisher of books and magazine. Site is all in German of course.
Strukton Sik Model Railroader Magazine
Strukton Sik Kalmbach Books and Products Catalog
Strukton Sik RAIL HOBBY

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