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Pieter's Model Railroad Dealer Links


A fair number of model railroad dealers maintain websites. Here's but a small sampling, with the emphasis of course on those specializing in European models, particularly the Dutch ones.

European Dealers, mostly Dutch

Arkel Mourits b.v. De Groot
Bado Modelbouw - Zeist Brekelmans
Cabdriver 412
Grootendorst Harlaar Modeltreinen
Harskamp H&H Modelbouw
Hobbyland 'T Hollandsch Locaalspoor
Huider Modeltreinen Huisman Spoorhobby
Interhobby J en H Modelbouw - Zeist
Kienhorst G. Keuterman modeltreinen
De Locomotief Maas Modelbouw - Roermond
Modelbouw Apeldoorn Modeltreinexpress
Modelbouw Atelier Apeldoorn René Muilwijk Modelbouw
Netten Modelbouw Op Het Spoor
A.J.Prins treinenshop Speyer Treinhobby
De Spoorbrug Het Spoortje
The Techno Hobby buying group in the Netherlands have their own site. Unfortunately they don't seem to keep too up-to-date.
Toemen Modelbouw Treinotheek
Trein 2000 De Treinen Passage
Triple Trains 't Oude Station
Wapstad Willies
WSUM Wentink
Zevenspoor Zwaluw Modelbouw
Benelux Rail Not exactly a dealer, but a good potential source of second hand goodies
Feuer's Schuppen
Second hand Marklin goodies out of Germany.
Mel Rodgau
More second hand goodies from Germany.

North American dealers

These are but a few of the North American dealers that carry/specialize in European models.
Central Hobbies In Vancouver, B.C. EuroRailHobbies Right in my own backyard - well almost.
Internet Trains Loy's Toys your DCC store
Trans Europ Enterprises Micro Macro Mundo
Reynaulds Euro Trains out of Geneva, IL, they carry Märklin, Fleischmann, Roco, Trix etc. Westend Toronto Trains
Dave's Trains specializes in postwar Lionel trains and old trains from the Soviet Union. specialize in Roco NS models normally not available in North America:)
Trains Ahead, a North American site for European Rail enthusiasts, with very competttive pricing.

If you have links you think should be added (including your own) or to report broken/outdated links, please a quick note.

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