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Pieter's Digital Stuff Links

DCC and related stuff

Arnold Digital
CVP Products
DCC/MB A DOS based program to control a DCC lay-out using a PC. There are plans etc. on this site for the DIYer.
Digital Train, decoders etc. for use with the Märklin/Motorola system
Digitrax probably the foremost manufacturers of Digital Command Control equipment.
Heathcote train detection and automatic control
Lenz Europe's leading manufacturer of Digital (DCC) goodies.
MRC the powerpack etc. people
North Coast Engineering
Rail Lynx an infrared controller and more
Rock Junction Controls
SoundTraxx New dimensions in digital sound technology
System One Wangrow Electronics
tttrains World of DCC, lots of great info and plenty of links
Zimo the Austrian manufacturer's site, and the Canadian distributor's site.

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