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Modelspoorvereniging "Schiespoor"

As I said, this club had a fire in their club house (Westerkade 21, Schiedam) a couple of years ago (in 1995 actually) and after doing some serious fund raising they are back building a club lay-out. These few pictures, taken in June of '97, are just a brief impression of what they are re-building. Much to my surprise I found their homepage a while ago when doing some surfing.

The beginnings of some new platforms. They're simply made from small pieces of plywood and before painting will be detailed with vertical strips on the railside face of it.

platform construction

An electrician's dream (or is it nightmare): the wiring of the control panel, all labelled and colour coded.


This here is their small Märklin lay-out, they use this one for shows and exhibitions. This was the last shot on the trip with my flashgun. When I triggered the shutter for this shot, the flash went off with a considerably louder pop than usual and just plain quit working after that.

Marklin lay-out

These are a few buildings that actually came through the fire relatively unscathed but, if you look closely, you'll see for instance that the two roofs in the middle have started to bow a little and have separated from the heat of the fire.

heat damage

Slowly but surely the landscape begins to take shape.

landscape starts to take shape

In one corner of the layout was this castle sitting high on a mountain top.

castle tower
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